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Data gap in link tracking for Hero web parts

If you have noticed a chance in numbers in link clicks in Hero web parts, please read this article.


In 2022 Q4, we detected an issue affecting Link Reporting for Hero Web Parts as well as the Web Part Links report in the Report Panel.  While link clicks were still captured, they weren't properly attributed to the Hero Web Part.

Why did this happen?

Link Reporting is highly dependent on the contents of the page in SharePoint.  From time to time, Microsoft makes changes to the structure of SharePoint pages, which can affect our ability to collect and properly attribute data.  

Is the issue resolved?

Yes!  We resolved this issue on November 9th, 2022.  This will ensure all current clicks in the Hero Web Part are properly associated.  In addition, we have enhanced some of the data we capture with Link Tracking to improve report quality in the future.  We have published updates for tyGraph Pages Engine and tyGraph Pages Web Parts.  For most customers, these will update automatically and no action is required on your part.

Can the missing data be updated to reflect the Hero Web Part association?

The data is not lost.  However, it cannot be updated in Log Analytics.  In the future, for customers using Azure Data Explorer backend for tyGraph Pages, we can update data after the fact when these kind of issues occur.


Link tracking for Hero web parts was affected in mid-2022.  With the automatically applied updates, you should not see any issues with future counts in Link Reporting and the Web Part Links report in the Report Panel.  Please contact tyGraph Support if you have any questions.