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tyGraph Calling - Dev Blog

Here we list incremental changes, but you can find a complete outline of each report page in our Product Guide

The exciting first release of tyGraph Calling will be released in April 2023.

The development of tyGraph Call Insights was born from customer feedback, the need for organizations to better understand call volume, meeting and call time usage, and cost patterns when using Microsoft Teams in a large scale Enterprise environment. Some organizations have evolved past traditional phone line systems and in some cases use Microsoft Teams in a call center setting. Our tool, tyGraph for Call Insights, can help organizations have better analytics around these use cases.


April 2023

Our initial release was focused on determining what metrics are most important to organizations from a Microsoft Team communications perspective and presenting them in a logical, useful and meaningful way. This initial release is comprised of three main report pages:

1. Company Behavior:

2. License Adoption & Enablement

3. Call Performance