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What is Row Level Security?

Row level security is a Power BI feature that allows us to return only certain data to a user based on a set of rules. At tyGraph common examples are: 

Community AdminsOnly return data for communities I Administrate
Community MembersReturn only data for communities I'm a member of.
Team OwnersShow data for only the teams a user owns.
Team MembersLet someone see data for teams they're a member of.
CountryShow a user data for all users in the same country as them.
DepartmentOnly return data for people in the same department as signed in user.
My TeamReturn only activity, files, items and people that are managed by the same person.
MyselfShow my own data items, teams, objects, channels.

How do we Deploy This?

There are three main steps. See this guide when you are ready. tyGraph RLS Report Management for Power BI Apps : Support 

What Licenses do I Need?

To create and manage a Power BI App you will need the following:

  • At least one user with a Pro License (for publishing the app) Note: A premium capacity will be required if your consumers have Power BI free. See this Microsoft Article for details.
  • RLS Compatible tyGraph .pbix file

Licenses for App

To create or update an app, you need a Power BI Pro license. For app consumers, there are two options.

  • Option 1 The workspace for this app is not in a Power BI Premium capacity: All business users need Power BI Pro licenses to view your app.
  • Option 2 The workspace for this app is in a Power BI Premium capacity: Business users without Power BI Pro licenses in your organization can view app content. However, they can't copy the reports, or create reports based on the underlying datasets. Read What is Power BI Premium? for details.