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tyGraph Pages Web Parts don't have any data or Application Insights Id and API Key may not be correct

If you have added the tyGraph Pages Site Analytics web part to a page and the visuals don't have any data or you receive the following error message, try the following steps.  If your tyGraph Pages Power BI reports do not contain any data, follow these steps as well.

No data is available for this report or Application Insights Id and API Key may be incorrect.

Error received in tyGraph Pages Site Analytics web part. 

Have you waited five minutes after installing tyGraph Pages Engine?

When you install tyGraph Pages Engine, please wait up to five minutes for data to show in the tyGraph Pages Site Analytics web part. The data takes a few minutes to process.

Do the Power BI Reports contain data?

If you installed the Power BI Report, do they contain data?  If they do, you know that tyGraph Pages Engine has been installed correctly.  If they don't, complete the verification steps below.

Verify tyGraph Pages Engine is collecting data

Open your browser's developer tools.  In Edge / Chrome, you can find this by clicking the ... menu in the top right -> More Tools -> Developer Tools.  Click on the Console tab.  If you don't have a Console tab, you may need to add it using the >> menu at the top.  Refresh the page and look for any logs that contain tyGraph.  You may see other errors from SharePoint that are not related to tyGraph in the Console.  If you see the text tyGraph Pages Engine - Page view trackedyou know data is getting logged correctly.

Page view tracked indicates data is getting logged.

If you don't see any tyGraph entries in the console, the tyGraph Pages Engine has not been installed correctly or at all.  Remove any existing tyGraphPagesEngine.sppkg package files you have in your app catalog and reinstall.  Make sure you check Enable this app on all sites when you reinstall the package.   Refer to the installation guide for more details.

License is invalid or tenant not onboarded

If you see any error messages regarding a license not being valid, expired, or the tenant has not been onboarded.  Ensure that you have completed the tyGraph Pages registration and that support has notified you that your onboarding is complete.  Data collection and the web parts will not work until onboarding has been completed by Support.  Please contact Support if you have completed this step and you still receive one of these error messages.  Refer to the installation guide for more details.

Installing on a new tenant

If you are installing onto a new tenant such as a development environment, but you have not contacted Support for onboarding, please do so to enable this tenant.

Verify your Application Id and API Key in Site Analytics web part

If you don't have Use Pre-configured authentication checkbox selected (or it's not available),  make sure you are using the correct values for Application Id and API Key in the properties.  Ensure you are not specifying your Instrumentation Key in the Application Id field.  The Application Id and Instrumentation Key are not the same values. If you are unsure how to get your Application Id and API Key, refer to this guide.

Verifying the Application Id is correct in Browser Developer Tools

In your browser's Developer Tools, click on the Network tab.  In the Filter box at the top type the word "query".  Refresh the page if necessary, you will may see multiple entries for query.  If you see a status of 404 or you see an error in the Preview tab stating the "The requested path does not exist", your Application Id is incorrect.  Make sure you didn't use the wrong Application Id or that you didn't use the Instrumentation Key instead.

Your Application Id is incorrect.

Verify the API Key is correct in Browser Developer Tools

If you completed the above step, and you see a status of 403 or you see an error in the Preview tab stating "The provided credentials have insufficient access to perform the requested operation", your API Key is incorrect.

Your API key is incorrect.

Your Application Id and API Key are valid but they are for a different tenant

If you have multiple tenants, it's possible that you have specified the Application Id and API Key for a different tenant such as a development environment.  Credentials will only work with the corresponding tenant.

Validate your Application Id and API Key using Tenant-wide Authentication

We recommend using tenant-wide authentication for most scenarios as it simplifies configuration.  You can also use tenant-wide authentication to validate your Application Id and API Key when you register the values in the web part.  Follow the Tenant-wide Authentication guide for more details.

Installed to a Single Site Collection

We don't recommend installing tyGraph Pages in a single site collection.  If you do though, ensure that tyGraph Pages Engine and tyGraph Pages Web Parts are installed on the same site collection and always choose Make this solution available to all sites in the organization after installing.

Use the tyGraph Pages Health Check

The tyGraph Pages Health Check will validate installation of tyGraph Pages Engine and the ability for the web part to get data.