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Report bar does not show when clicking the Report Bar button


When clicking the Report Bar button or when adding ?showReportBar to a page, the Report Bar does not show.

Root Cause

The Report Bar uses an Application Customizer to render.  These Application Customizers are configured through the use of the Tenant Wide Extensions list in the App Catalog.  If you installed the tyGraphPagesWebParts.sppkg file without choosing Enable this app and add to all sites button, an entry does not get added to Tenant Wide Extensions which means it will not show.  You can verify that the app was not deployed to all sites in the Manage Apps page of the SharePoint admin center.

tyGraph Pages Web Part was not properly deployed to all sites.

Preferred Solution

Uninstall, the tyGraphPagesWebParts.sppkg from your App Catalog.  Reinstall the package and be sure and select Enable this app and add to all sites option.  If you are installing on a Site Collection App Catalog instead, make sure you check the box Make this solution available to all sites in the organization.  On sites with Site Collection App Catalogs, this is the only way to use the Report Bar

Alternate Solution

If you did not choose Enable this app and add to all sites button, you will need to add the tyGraph Pages Web Part app to every site collection in which you want to use the Report Bar.  You can add the app, by visiting the home page of the site and then click New -> App -> From my organization.  Click Add under tyGraph Pages Web Part.  This should allow the Report Bar to show on the current site.  You must also use Tenant-wide authentication with the Report Bar in this scenario.  If you don't, you will see an Authentication not configured error in the Report Bar.

You may have mixed results with the Alternate Solution.  ITo avoid this complexity, we recommend you use the Preferred Solution and add the the app to all sites as described above.

Unsupported on Classic Sites / Pages

Although the Site Analytics web part will work on a Classic Page, the Report Bar will not.  Classic sites do not support the features required by the Report Bar.

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