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Less than N Obfuscation

At tyGraph we aim to strike the perfect balance between privacy and insight for your organization. The more user information we hide the less you know about your audience. But if we show too much user information, a report user could intuit who an individual is by process of elimination.

The tyGraph Solution

We place a limit on non-obfuscated columns so that any user with a value that is for less then 10 unique users, will have that value hidden. 

For example the Job Title "CEO" is unique because there is one person in the whole company who is the CEO. If we return CEO in the job title column, that really narrows it down. Conversely, a Job Title like "IT Specialist" is generic enough to show because there are 200 IT Specialists in your organization there is no way for the report reader to guess which of the 200 active IT Specialists are shown in the visualization.

UserJob Title in M365Job Title in tyGraph
User 1IT SpecialistIT Specialist
User 2IT SpecialistIT Specialist
User 3IT SpecialistIT Specialist
User 4CEO<Anonymized>
User5IT SpecialistIT Specialist
User 6IT SpecialistIT Specialist

Another example, say there are 4000, users in Germany, we feel safe to show Country as it is not specific. However if the company opens a small office in Singapore with 15 staff. Singapore will be <Anonymized> for those users.

UserUser Country in M365User Country in tyGraph
User 1GermanyGermany
User 2GermanyGermany
User 3GermanyGermany
User 4Singapore<Anonymized>
User 6GermanyGermany

How to Configure

Today we do this by default for any obfuscated reports with less than 10 unique values. This threshold can be changed by making a support request through a ticket. For example increasing it to 25 active users or disabling the feature by changing it to zero.

Exempt Columns

[HR - Address]
[HR - Latitude]
[HR - Longitude]
[HR - ZipPostalCode]