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tyGraph Data Collection and Retention

tyGraph gathers your Microsoft 365 tenant data from diverse sources. It is important to have a clear understanding of the expected data upon initial installation of tyGraph on your tenant and the retention policy of the data going forward.

Data Collection

We classify the Microsoft 365 data into two primary categories: inventory and activity. The retrieval of historical data is subject to limitations imposed by Microsoft APIs. The following chart provides a comprehensive overview of the available historical data for each product and data category.

tyGraph Pulse28 Days28 Days
tyGraph for SharePoint180 Days6 Days
tyGraph PagesDay forwardDay forward
tyGraph for YammerAll TimeAll Time*
tyGraph for TeamsAll TimeAll Time*
tyGraph for OneDrive180 Days6 Days
tyGraph CallingN/ADay forward

*Yammer and Teams activity data for objects stored in SharePoint and/or OneDrive can only be retrieved as far back as 6 days; the File Collaboration report in Teams and Content Consumption report in Yammer. Other activity data, such as messages, reactions, and mentions are retrieved for all time.

Data Retention

tyGraph currently retains your data indefinitely for all products, with the exception of tyGraph Pages. tyGraph Pages has a maximum retention period of 730 days as per the limitations enforced by Application Insights and Log Analytics.

By the end of 2023, we will be introducing new data retention policies and capabilities for all other tyGraph products. These updates will allow you to manage and retain data based on your organization's operational or regulatory compliance needs.