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Role Based Reports

tyGraph has a three channel suite of reports designed to return insights for users based on their permissions. This allows you as the service administrator to scale out tyGraph to thousands of users without needing to bother with managing access.


Site Owner

tyGraph for Site Owners returns data for sites where the signed in person is the Owner, Site Collection Administrator, or has full control permissions. (Could be through a Group, or Individual granted full control permissions)

This makes it easy to share a single url to the company let users sign in to see incredible analytics but just for the sites they own.

Classic & Subsites: 

Team Owner

Returns tyGraph for Teams data for only the Teams owned by the signed in person.

Community Owner

Returns Viva Engage data for only the Communities owned by the signed in person.

Regional Owners

The ability to add users based on an Active Directory Attribute they are a member of. For example return activity for people in the same Country, Department.

Top Cities for a user from the United States