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tyGraph for Viva Engage Overview

Discover tyGraph for Viva Engage, a robust analytics solution built on the foundation of proven technology previously used for Yammer analytics. As part of the rebranding efforts, Microsoft has transformed Yammer into Viva Engage across all platforms, including the web. 

With this evolution comes enhanced functionalities that empower leaders, corporate communicators, and knowledge management professionals to foster community building and drive engagement. tyGraph for Viva Engage will help you unlock the insights you need to optimize your collaboration efforts and create a thriving workplace community.

What is tyGraph for Viva Engage?

tyGraph for Viva Engage is the successor to tyGraph for Yammer, a renowned analytics solution that was specifically developed for the Yammer platform. Building upon the success and expertise of tyGraph for Yammer, this new product, tyGraph for Viva Engage, brings its proven analytics capabilities and deep insights into the performance, engagement, and health of your Viva Engage network. It inherits the rich functionality and comprehensive reporting features that made tyGraph for Yammer a trusted choice for community managers, administrators, and stakeholders. With its transition to Viva Engage, tyGraph continues to empower organizations with valuable metrics and analytics to optimize collaboration and drive engagement.

Has anything changed functionally with this rebrand?

From a functionality standpoint, there are no major underlying technical changes in this release. Instead, we’ve listened to customer feedback and have refreshed the user interface and added additional features. Please see below for a highlight: 

User interface 

  • More cohesive experience containing simplified layouts – Customers can get the insights to transform Viva Engage into a data-driven communication tool in less clicks. 


  • Insights for new Viva Engage features such as stories, storylines, and Q&A
  • Measure value of leadership involvement and understand which approaches leadership takes works best with 2 new dashboards for Viva Engage premium features, Q&A and Live Events 

How will this affect existing customers? 

This rebrand introduces a new Power BI app installation. The current tyGraph for Yammer Power BI applications will persist and receive support concurrently for the foreseeable future. As users shift to the new tyGraph for Viva Engage Power BI app, the older legacy app will be phased out.

The transition involves no additional steps like App Registrations, harvesters, or permissions, minimizing disruptions for users. The update ensures a seamless experience with no loss of previous functionality, presenting users with updated dashboards and enhanced capabilities.

Check out this blog post to learn more about how to Transform Employee Experience with tyGraph for Viva Engage.

More information on tyGraph for Viva Engage can be found here.