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SharePoint Web Template IDs

Here, you'll find a list of typical SharePoint Web Template IDs. tyGraph Pages utilizes this list to distinguish between the Classic and Modern SharePoint Experiences. Additionally, Pages leverages this list to refine the dataset via PowerBI dataset parameters. To streamline the dataset upfront, you have the option to input a list of templates separated by commas.

IDTemplate NameSharePoint Experience
0Global TemplateClassic
1Team Site (with group creation disabled)Classic
2Meeting WorkspaceClassic
3Central Admin SiteClassic
4Wiki SiteClassic
7Document CenterClassic
15Group Work SiteClassic
16Tenant Admin SiteClassic
17App TemplateClassic
18App Catalog SiteClassic
20SharePoint Portal Server SiteClassic
21SharePoint Portal Server Personal SpaceClassic
22Personalization SiteClassic
30Contents area TemplateClassic
31Topic area templateClassic
32News SiteClassic
33News SiteClassic
34Site DirectoryClassic
36Community area templateClassic
38Report CenterClassic
39Publishing SiteClassic
40Shared Services Administration SiteClassic
47Collaboration PortalClassic
50Enterprise Search CenterClassic
52Publishing PortalClassic
53Publishing SiteClassic
54My Site HostClassic
56Enterprise WikiClassic
59Product CatalogClassic
61Visio Process RepositoryClassic
62Community SiteClassic
63Community PortalClassic
64Team SiteModern
65PointPublishing HubClassic
66Personal blogClassic
67PointPublishing TopicClassic
68Communication SiteModern
69Teams Channel SiteModern
90Basic Search CenterClassic
95Developer SiteClassic
301Redirect SiteClassic
1015SAP Workflow SiteClassic
1611Express Team SiteClassic
2009Public Publishing PortalClassic
2757Access Services Site InternalClassic
2764Access Services SiteClassic
3200Business Intelligence CenterClassic
3300eDiscovery CenterClassic
3400In-Place Hold Policy CenterClassic
3500Compliance Policy CenterClassic
6000Review CenterClassic
6115Project SiteClassic
6215Microsoft Project SiteClassic
6221Project Web App SiteClassic
10043SharePoint Online Tenant Fundamental SiteClassic
10100SharePoint Online TenantAdminClassic
14483Records CenterClassic