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Device Usage in tyGraph

tyGraph for Viva Engage

You can see devices by users in the Content Volume & Engagement page in tyGraph for Viva Engage.  tyGraph for Viva Engage User Guide : Support 

From here you can even drill deeper into areas like Mobile to see the specific devices that are being used more often.

tyGraph Pages

You can see top devices that users are viewing your SharePoint pages in the bottom right corner of the Engagement Overview in tyGraph Pages. tyGraph Pages - Product Guide : Support (Visual #9)

You can drill deeper to see a wealth of information about the specific devices that users viewed your page with by using the drill down feature from Power BI. Pressing the double down arrow will even take you to browser types as well.

tyGraph Pulse

Here you can view devices and mobile usage by many products like Teams, Outlook and Viva Engage all in one report.

For example you can see Teams devices in the Teams Activity Tab tyGraph Pulse - Product Guide : Support (Visual #11)