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tyGraph for Viva Engage - Dev Blog

Welcome to the tyGraph for Viva Engage Dev Blog!

Here we list incremental changes, but for a comprehensive overview of each report page, you can refer to our Report Guide.


June 2024

Minor release to support Viva Topics customers.

March 2024

This marks the initial incremental update to the tyGraph for Viva Engage reports since its initial release in October 2023. This minor version includes modifications to adapt to the transition from Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics v2.x to the utilization of v3 text analytics.

This adjustment also led us to eliminate the Key Influencers visual from the Discussion Tone report page. Instead, we've introduced a more captivating feature that empowers you to explore sentiment distribution based on various user attributes. With this enhancement, you can now cross-highlight a community, for instance, and analyze sentiment across different organizational units within your business.