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tyGraph Enterprise Sign-up Experience (SaaS)

This article will guide you through the tyGraph Enterprise Sign-up Experience, where tyGraph is hosting your insights solution.


Who is needed?

You will need the following people to complete this process: 

Required People
  • The Tenant Global Admin for the tenant(s) from which data will be collected.
  • The Yammer Verified Admin
  • The SharePoint Admin
  • The Power BI Admin role may be required depending on the tenants current configuration to allow for Microsoft AppSource use. 

Prerequisite Steps

  1. 1. Office 365 Anonymous Usage must be turned OFF. 
    (We will obfuscate at the database level if that is a requirement) 
    This article will help your Global Administrator perform the action: 

  1. 2. Audit Subscription must be turned ON. This allows us to capture user activity across workloads. 
    This Microsoft documentation will help:


Sign-up for tyGraph

  1. Your Tenant Global Admin needs to go to

  2. Choose the Microsoft Graph Authorization buttonIt should also be noted that the user account used to authorize the App is not tied to tyGraph in any way. Typically, you will be prompted to log in with your Office 365 Admin account after selecting the link.

    A screenshot of Authorize Harvester page - Microsoft Graph Authorization button 

  3. Choose Accept. Details of these Permissions can be found in our tyGraph White Paper.
    A screenshot of Permissions requested by tyGraph Enterprise

  4. You should see this confirmation screen.

    A screenshot of the Confirmation page

  5. The tyGraph Ops team will get a notification, and your environment will be spun up. Data will start harvesting, and your Customer Success Manager will let you know when it's ready. Depending on data volume, harvest time can take a few hours to a few days.

tyGraph Pages Engine Install

The tyGraph Pages Engine should be installed in your SharePoint Catalog. This allows Pages site metrics to be visualized using Power BI or directly in SharePoint.

  1. Return to the page and choose the Pages Configuration button.

    A screenshot of Authorize Harvester page - Pages Configuration button

  2.  Your SharePoint Administrator can follow the tyGraph Pages Installation Guide to get the tyGraph Pages engine installed and configured. If any assistance is needed, please let your tyGraph Customer Success Manager know or send an email to

Yammer API Authorization

Yammer has a separate set of APIs, which means it needs to be authorized separately from the other tyGraph apps.

  1. Your Yammer Verified Admin goes to
    NOTE: A Yammer Admin role is not a Verified Administrator. A Yammer Admin will not have the permissions to sign up for a third party app. Please ensure you are a Yammer Verified Administrator.

    Manage Yammer admins - Yammer | Microsoft Learn 

  2. Choose the Yammer API Authorization button.

    A screenshot of Authorize Harvester page - Yammer API Authorization button

  3. Log in with your Yammer Account and choose Allow.

Yammer Authorization Troubleshooting

If there are issues with the authorization, please look at this page to enable 3rd party apps in Yammer

Pages Web Part Install (optional)

The tyGraph Pages Web Part has a web part available that provides reporting functionality without a dependency on Power BI. The tyGraph Pages Web Part Installation Guide will guide the SharePoint Administrator through this installation process. If any assistance is needed, please let your tyGraph Customer Success Manager know or send an email to

What to expect next?

We'll be in contact with you at this point to begin the Onboarding process, but here are some items you can look forward to next:

  • Connect Reports - Your Power BI Workspace Admin can connect the reports to your data
  • Stakeholder List - Consider a list of owners and users of your new tyGraph solution
  • tyGraph Support Site Set-Up - List of Users (full name, role, email) needing access to create support tickets, read articles and product guides
  • Data Reveal - Walk through the tyGraph reports with your own data and users so that users can understand how to get to answers from the tyGraph insights
  • Transition to Support and Steady State - This can be managed with your Customer Success Manager

There is a lot to do but know that tyGraph is here to help along your journey.

Individual Products

If you are interested in only specific tyGraph products, please find their sign-up guides below:

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Yammer logotyGraph for Yammer
SharePoint logotyGraph for Site Owners