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tyGraph Calling Overview

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What is tyGraph Calling?

tyGraph Calling shows you how your organization is spending their time, spot the differences in regional collaboration styles, measure external Vendor collaboration, and mature Teams adoption. It incorporates signals from Teams Calls, Meetings, Direct Calling, PSTN, M365 Licensing, and your own organizational data.

Human Resources LeadershipIT LeadershipAdoption Change Management
  • Understand How your Organization is Spending Time
  • How much contact do we have with external vendors?
  • Are there regional differences in your collaboration styles?
  • What does our call failure rate look like by organization?
  • Are users spending too much time on hold?
  • What call features do our users utilize the most?
  • What is our teams adoption story?
  • What opportunities do we have to increase adoption? 
  • What Teams calling features have people adopted today?

Installation Process

Deployment Details


SaaS Hosted Only

tyGraph Calling is available as a SaaS hosted deployment only. 

Obfuscation Only

tyGraph Calling supports obfuscation. However does not support other data protection levels available in other products such as Opt Out. 

Support Telemetry by Default

Support telemetry is on by default for this product. This will be necessary for us to support existing experience plus inform new features in our roadmap. 

Licensed under two bundlle options

tyGraph Enterprise or tyGraph for Adoption & ROI Bundle

Permissions Required

At the moment tyGraph Enterprise permissions are required for tyGraph Calling. See the tyGraph Enterprise sign-up experience for details on who you need to grant this level of permissions.

Visual Examples