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Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption Analytics

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Copilot experiences integrated across Microsoft 365 applications streamline the digital workplace for enhanced task management and collaboration. Microsoft Copilot is a powerful AI tool aimed to help everyone be more productive in their day-to-day activities, but its effectiveness hinges on its utilization. Unsure if you’re maximizing Copilot for Microsoft 365’s capabilities? AvePoint tyGraph reveals how Copilot for Microsoft 365 is impacting your workforce, guiding steps to scale usage and accelerate adoption.

Drive Activity

Activity data shouldn’t be limited to the Microsoft 365 application level. Analyze granular user activity so you can view usage trends over time, identify inactive areas that should be reinvigorated, and benchmark Copilot activity against current Microsoft 365 application activity. Learn what high activity in Copilot for Microsoft 365 looks like in your business. 

Allocate Licenses

Deciding who should receive Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 licenses is a daunting task. Our insights recommend the best users to assign Copilot licenses based on prerequisite licenses and their adoption patterns. Make data-driven licensing decisions for your organization and ensure your investment is effectively allocated to maximize its impact.

Transform Productivity

Ensuring a robust adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365 engagement means having consistent, frequent, and broad activity. With a proper view into granular adoption levels across business units, interactions in Microsoft 365 apps, and current levels of Microsoft 365 app activity, you can identify and promote productive behaviors. Turn licensed users into productivity champions.

 Licensing Adoption
  • License enablement: View how many purchased licenses are currently enabled and measure how they’re allocated across the organization. 
  • Readiness: Understand who’s eligible to get assigned a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license based on prerequisite E3 and E5 licenses and required update channels. 
  • Recommended allocation: Gain educated recommendations of high probable Copilot adopters who should receive available licenses calculated by current Microsoft 365 adoption. 
  • Sustainable adoption: Identify influential users who are accessing Copilot for Microsoft 365 consistently, frequently, and on a broad level across Microsoft 365 applications. 
  • Adoption growth: Pinpoint active users that have the potential to grow into champion Copilot adopters so you can get the most out of Copilot for Microsoft 365 experiences. 
  • Productive behaviors: Compare Copilot interactions to current Microsoft 365 activity levels to discern transformative behaviors in strong adoption areas and spread them to the rest of the business. 
  • Activity trends: Analyze active users over time and find which Copilot experiences are most popular across your business. 
  • Granular user activity: Drill into Copilot interactions at granular levels, such as region or department, so you can discern high activity specific to your organization.
  • One-time users: Identify active users who have only used Copilot for Microsoft 365 on a singular instance so you can reprioritize license assignments.
  • Document-level insights: Understand the amount of documents Copilot for Microsoft 365 is touching across the most popular applications.
  • Sensitive content: Find out how many sensitive documents Microsoft Copilot is interacting with so you can flag any internal risks. 

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