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MAE Score - tyGraph for Yammer

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The Measure of Active Engagement (MAE): This is a non weighted total of your selected MAE Score metrics. By default this includes: Messages, Likes, Shares, Topic Mentions, User Mentions, User Praises, File Uploads.

You can find the main MAE Score plot on the MAE Score page of tyGraph for Yammer.


The MAE Score is the gold standard for Engagement in tyGraph for Yammer. It is a very flexible score that we use for a number of purposes. 

Measuring the Volume of Engagement

In the simplest form, the MAE Score is a total number of your selected MAE actions. This allows you to analyze the total activity volume over time, by community, or by user.

For example you can use the MAE Score to compare activity in communities with the MAE Score by Community visual or the most engaged communities chart on the Recent Activity page:

Definition of Engagement

The MAE Score also forms the basis for how we define if a user or community is engaged. An engaged user is any person with MAE Actions in the report period. In the same way, an engaged community is any community with MAE Actions in the report period. 


You can modify the MAE Score to fit your companies vision for how you would like to define engagement. Toggle the metrics you'd like included to qualify as a person who is engaged or not. Whatever you select in these options will add or remove those measures from the MAE Score, Engaged Members, or Engaged Communities.