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User Data Quality in tyGraph

tyGraph surfaces user data as context in a wide range of visuals. The source of this data can vary and the quality of visualizations relies on the quality of the data source. This article we explore how we define user information.

Where User Data Comes From

Because we use your own data to segment your user populations the quality of the visualizations in our reports relies on the strength of your data. Whatever the user field is in Active Directory, Workday, or other integrated fields will be what shows in tyGraph with the exception to three Scenarios.

tyGraph is a downstream system from Microsoft 365. Therefore data cannot be corrected in tyGraph directly, it must be corrected in Microsoft 365 source system. Once corrected in that platform, it will flow to tyGraph as part of the data collection process.

Changing Your User Source

As mentioned above, you can choose to leverage data from Active Directory, and/or other systems. See this article for details.
User Attribute Options at tyGraph : Support