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tyGraph Calling Installation Guide

tyGraph Calling can be installed by following these three steps. 

Sign Up
Authorize tyGraph to collect your data using our signup page -

What permissions do I need?
Wait 72 Hours
During this time the tyGraph Operations team will be setting up your organization’s data stores and collecting the initial set of data. An email will be sent once complete
Connect to Power BI Experience

Important Prerequisites

You will need your tyGraph Connection Package to configure the tyGraph report. This will include the data source information for your organization. Once you have that you can proceed to the next step. If you don’t have a tyGraph Connection package reach out to support to validate your permissions and/or request one. 

Connect to Power BI

  1. Click Apps
  2. Click Get apps
    Get apps

  3. Select Template apps
  4. Search for tyGraph Calling
  5. Click tyGraph Calling
    Search for tyGraph Calling 
  6. Click Get It Now
    Click Get it now

  7. Click Get it now within the Microsoft permission form.
    Click Get it now

  8. Get it now will open a new panel for naming your workspace you can use this mechanism to update an existing installation if you have installed already. 
  9. By default we recommend you install another copy.
    This will show an install notification in the top right corner of your browser.

  10. Once the installation is finished you will be brought to the workspace view. Please click Connect your Data.
    Connecting to data

  11. Please fill in your cluster and database name. Cluster is often formatted to include name and region. For example "mycluster.eastus".

    The Detail Period is the length of how far back you would like the data to go in months. We recommend 3 months by default, but smaller organizations or companies with a Premium capacity can increase this value higher.
    Connect to tyGraph Calling

  12. Press Next
  13. Ensure that Authentication method is set to OAuth2 and then click Signin and connect
    Use OAuth2 to connect
  14. Authenticate to the data source with your primary Microsoft 365 Account (via OAuth2)
    Select your account
  15. Once you authenticate you will see the dataset refreshing. Noted by this spinning icon. Please wait 5-25 minutes for the dataset to refresh. After which you will see your organizations data in the reports.
    Wait for refresh to complete

Manage Access

Once you have the application installed you can distribute access in two ways.

1) Inviting core users to the workspace

Typically you want to add the 3-8 core analysts as member roles. For full details on Power BI workspace roles see here: Roles in workspaces in Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Learn.

2) Sharing to the broader organization by publishing the app.

For all other viewers we recommend you publish your app to the organization following this guide. This way you can make changes in the workspace without disrupting the production grade application that you promote broadly inside your organization.

When who should I add to the workspace vs the app? We recommend that you add all viewers to an organizational app rather than inviting them to the workspace.  A workspace is best as a backstage area for those editing and analysts. See this article for details Adding Users to Power BI Workspace : Support (