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Pages Power BI - Dev Blog

Welcome to our dev blog for the tyGraph Pages Power BI reports! Here we will outline the latest changes and layout upgrades. To get the latest report version, check out this article: Update from a Power BI Template AppLooking for the updates to the Pages Engine? Check out the tyGraph Pages Releases blog.

Here we list incremental changes but you can find a complete outline of each report page in our Report Guide


June 2021

New Features

Versioning Button

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New Versioning button to show you the version of your Power BI model & engine in the report header. If you click this button it will take you here to our dev blog, welcome!

Recently Created Pages Perspective

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Focus your analysis to only pages that have been created recently by pressing the launch rocket. By default this will show you pages created in the last 30 days, but this range can be changed to whatever you like once in the menu. Press the teal reset button to return to the default.

New Filters

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Site Is Atlas - For customers using Atlas you can select "Yes" in this filter to only show those sites and their related content

Site Is Archived - Identify sites that are currently archived.

Site Is Topic Center - This lets you identify the site that hosts the Viva Topic Center

Site Is Teams Channel Connected - Private Channels or External Channels get their own sites rather than a folder in the team document library. You can identify these sites by selecting "Yes" for this filter.

Site Is Teams Connected -  Select a list of sites that are backing normal (non private or external) teams. 


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You can now see the total likes on the Content Navigator and News Explorer Page.

Pages Created Detail Button

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Added a new button to show details about pages created. We count the total pages created with an "Approved" moderation status for the report period but did not provide much context. Now you can click the button to see a list of all pages created, along with a highlight of those that have an approved status. 

When you click this you can also see a plot of all pages and moderated pages created over time.

User Churn Detail

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More user churn detail in the content overview. You can now click the User Churn button to see lists of users lost/gained and plotted over time. 

May 2021

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Audience Behavior Page

Added the new audience behavior page. This page allows you to understand more about how deep, frequent, and long your users sessions are.  

The Audience Behavior page can be found by clicking the icon on the content overview, or right clicking on a data bar to drill through from a site or page data point.