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tyGraph for SharePoint - Dev Blog

Here we list incremental changes but you can find a complete outline of each report page in our Report Guide 

The latest version of tyGraph for SharePoint was Released in March 2022.


March 2022

A number of minor fixes and improvements in this update.

User Experience Improvements

  • Added more demo data

  • Hid fields not required for reporting

  • Applied appropriate formatting to measures

  • New Data filter for detail dates - Because the SharePoint model brings in a prescribed amount of detail data the full history of a files activity may be cut off. To prevent confusion we tied the top date slider to the max date you could have data.

  • Removed the All Time Page Views and All Time Pages Viewed measures in preparation for different roadmap items.


User Extension Attribute Filter

Some customers synchronize their on-premise Active Directory extension attributes with Azure Active Directory using Azure AD Connect using schema extensions. We now have the capability to harvest those extensions and display them in our reports. The harvesting feature is turned off by default. If you would like to turn on this feature, please contact us via Help Desk.

You will notice two new filters in the Filters pane, User Extension Name and User Extension Value, where you will be able to filter on the custom AD extensions.

January 2022

This release we focused on solidifying an inventory of All Sites along with adding signals to further categorize them. We also added a few new parameters to the dataset options.

New Parameters

This release we added 4 new parameters to better fine-tune the data being imported into the report. If you notice that your dataset is too large or you simply need to scope the reports down to a particular user audience and timeframe, you can now specify a User Column Name to filter, such as "User Country", then specify a list of semi-colon delimited value(s) into the User Column Value(s) parameter, such as "United States; Canada"

The other new parameters are related to the number of detail and summary months of data to bring in. The following three reports are driven by the Summary Period. All of the other reports are constrained by the Detail Period.

  • Executive Summary
  • Site Collection Summary
  • External Activity

The default values are 1 month of detail, and 6 months of summary.

Page View Optimization

We reduced query overhead of the Page View calculation and expanded the condition to consider page views against all file types not just .aspx pages. This supports the capturing of page views against a specific page file or redirecting urls pointing to it. This includes the base URL of a site that redirects to the declared home page.

New Site Information

You can now identify sites based on three new attributes. This can aid in compliance, content management, and governance.

  • Group IsEmailEnabled
  • Group Is Private
  • Group IsSecurityEnabled
  • Sensitivity Label

External Detail in All User Attributes

Sometimes users do not have attributes assigned to them like Country or Business Unit. Previously we identified these users with the text <No Information> so that you could see we are still counting users just we had no categorization for them in the given attribute.

Now we have added further detail separating out External Users as their own category. This serves as a good reminder that External users are included in the tyGraph for SharePoint dataset, and you can even have external activity included within visuals. Also external users will rarely have a Country, Business Unit, or Divisional association (since they're not from your tenant) so we wanted to further distinguish them from internal users that just have no HR attribute.

December 2021

New Content Navigator Report

With this new layout you can explore your hubs and their sites in a cohesive tree structure. 

New Hub Site Information

We are happy to announce that we are mapping hub sites in the SharePoint model. This can be used as a filter, visual element or category in any detailed visuals.