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Power BI Template App Installation

All tyGraph tools can be primarily installed through our Power BI template apps. These template apps can be found from Power BI or Microsoft App Source. Typically a single Administrator or IT member will install these apps. After which you can invite your colleagues to the workspace or publish an app to your audience.


Our Apps In the Power BI Service
Our Apps in AppSource (redirects to Power BI)

Keep in mind: You will require a Power BI Pro License to follow this guide. How do I tell if I have Power BI Pro? 

If you have a Power BI free License, you will need to load our reports from a Power BI desktop model file (pbix) file. Please see our Updating a PBIX file Guide for details.

We will be doing most of our work in the Power BI service. Please open your browser and log in to 


Loading our template follows three steps:

Step 1: Receive Connection Package

You will need a connection package from us to begin this process. You will have received this from us either at the time of onboarding or related to a change of access. 

Keep this information handy as we will be using them in step three. 

Step 2: Load Report

Next we install the app in the Power BI Service:

  1. Click Get data
  2. Click services "get"
  3. Search for the tyGraph Tool you would like
  4. Select the desired tyGraph Tool
  5. Press "get it now"
  6. Install to a new workspace. You may need to rename if someone else in your org has already installed our app. App names must be unique for Power BI.
  7. Press install.

Step 3: Connect Data

  1. Select app.
  2. Click connect
  3. Enter connection information and press next
  4. Enter service account credentials (from email) and sign in



From here you, will see a notification at the top of the screen confirming that a connection has been established and the app is pulling your data into the dataset. 

This process usually takes 3-15 minutes depending on the size of your organization. From here you can navigate to your report page. If you don't see a report change and the dataset has completed you can prompt Power BI to refresh the report or just reload the webpage.

If you experience issues you can view the dataset settings and even refine your schedule. See our "How to Refresh a Power BI Dataset" Guide