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How to demo tyGraph

tyGraph products can be installed through our Power BI template apps. These apps come pre-populated with demo data and are a great way to see what tyGraph can offer. Typically, a single Administrator or IT member will install these apps. After which, you can invite your colleagues to the workspace or publish an app to your audience.


IMPORTANT: Please note that all the users of the tyGraph reports require Power BI Pro licenses. Refer to this article for a detailed explanation of your options: What version of Power BI is required for tyGraph? : Support


  1. Go to the Power BI Service
  2. Click Apps in the left navigation menu
  3. Click Get apps
  4. Search for the desired tyGraph product in the Search field
  5. Click Get It Now
  6. If the form does not go away, enter the required* information in the form and click Get it now
  7. If you've installed tyGraph before, a message may pop up. Select Install in New Workspace. Enter Workspace name eg. tyGraph Pages. Click Install
  8. A box will appear in the upper-right saying Installing an app. When it is ready, click the Go to app button.
  9. Create a browser bookmark/favorites folder called Demos.
  10. Add a link to this tyGraph demo product to your Demos folder.

Learning more about tyGraph Products

Here are guides to help learn more about each tyGraph product.

Product Guides

tyGraph Pulse
tyGraph for SharePoint
tyGraph Pages
tyGraph for OneDrive
tyGraph for Teams
tyGraph for Yammer


If you experience issues, you can view the dataset settings and even refine your schedule see guide on How to Refresh a Power BI Dataset.